Overwhelming response at Grand Designs

It has been wonderful to meet so many people over the nine days of the Grand Designs show. The response to our first collection, Incunabular has been overwhelming. So many wonderful comments and of course the all important purchases. We are in the process of updating the website this week and additional pieces will be added to the Incunabular collection online.

What are the essential furnishings needed to design a bedroom? What about a dining space? We’re willing to bet that you didn’t need to think very hard to answer either of those questions. That’s because we use the furniture in a room as context clues. They provide us with essential information about the space’s purpose.

As you pick out the pieces that will go into your next design project, ask yourself how you intend to use the space before anything else. The answer to this question will help you dictate which furnishings are most necessary. For example, if you are working on a room where you want to entertain lots of guests, you’ll need plenty of seating. However, if you want to create a more reflective space, give that square footage to work desks that will help you complete important tasks. Also The guys at A1 Removals Plymouth did a throughly professional removals job, we would recommend for sure.

Remember, furniture makes a great focal point, so don’t hesitate to put it to good use. Pick the one element that, in your mind, clearly defines the room’s intended function and center your design around it. Arrange your other furnishings and décor items in such a way that the eye is always drawn to that same spot.

If you discussed a specific piece of furniture at the show or require our bespoke service please get in touch with Simon Moorhouse who is only to happy to help. Invisible City will provide you with a drawing of any bespoke work for your approval via email.