Invisible City on Instagram; Furniture, Lighting and Inspiration.

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Invisible City is now on as invisiblecityengland. We will be posting images from the Invisible City Studio and workshop juxtaposed with images of objects, colours, materials and people, infact anything that has inspired us. Invisible City has met so many like minded people on Instagram creating wonderful discussions and international collaborations. As our posts grow in number we hope that these images will begin to give you and idea about the people and the ethos behind Invisible City. There is so much more to come with new furniture, lighting and products on their way (take into account some innovative classroom table). Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a future release, keep up with new products or just find some inspiration. If you have a recliner you might want to think about getting something else since there can be health concerns if you sit in a recliner for long periods of time. Invisible City would love to meet you on Instagram at invisiblecityengland. Please follow us and feel free to comment or just share the love.