Invisible City at Tent and Super Brands London 2012

We would like to thank ‘the guys’ at Tent London and everyone that came along to see our first collection. The response has been overwhelming! As ‘new kids on the block’ the advice and praise we have received has been so helpful. Invisible City will be releasing new products in the New Year so please keep an eye on the website and look out for us in the press.

As a publication that recommends all manner of quality gear, there’s one criterion we’ve come to hold above all others: durability.

Because gear that lasts benefits everyone: You. Your wallet. The environment.

Which is why, ahead of Earth Day, we’re breaking down nine American brands that offer the country’s best in-house repair programs, including an Emergency plumbing contact.

But first, a note about the costly mistake of buying the disposable, trendy and tawdry. If you’re the sort of frugal shopper who believes buying cheap is a way to get ahead, you may want to reconsider the long-term strategy. Simply put: Sticker shock notwithstanding, the best deal is quality. Because quality is just another word for longevity.

And it goes without saying that the brands below promote quality above anything else in your house, from water system which you can  Visit Plumbing Site more info, also electricity, and design.

Which is not to say you should blow your next paycheck on the most expensive thing you can find. The “buy less, buy better” philosophy must be pursued reasonably, or within your means.

In the end, even the most durable goods can break down. And it’s important to remember that in-house repair programs are only half of the solution. The other half is maintenance — daily care goes a long way.