Huffington Post lists Invisible City as innovative UK furniture designer

Tired of buying the same old Scandinavian-style furniture, yet not in the mood to rub down a wooden plank in order to make a truly original-looking shelf?British designers are becoming adept at creating classic, quirky yet downright gorgeous designs, which make eye-popping statements, while working practically in the home.

Take this coat stand from Silo, a design studio formed by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless, currently based within a plastics factory on the southern bank of the Thames.

Or – if you want to bring an element of eco-friendly design to your home – head to the website of Ben Huggins. His carbon off-set chair, made entirely from Hemcrete, a breakthrough material consisting of UK Cannabis Sativa Santhica (a non-narcotic industrial hemp), and a lime based binding agent, locks in 60kg of carbon per unit.

And, if neither of those makes enough of a statement, consider shopping with Hendzel + Hunt, whose Made In Peckham range was retailed by The Shop at Blue Bird, and included a 12-foot long banquet table from which a sculpted tree appeared to grow from the table’s centre.

To see hundreds more awe-inspiring pieces of furniture, including Invisible City’s Incunabular Sideboard (pictured above), head to Grand Designs Live in London from 5 – 13 May.